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Tennis Ball Machines: The Spinshot Player Phone App

How To Use the Spinshot Player Phone App

One of the most important features of Spinshot Player ball machines is they are able to be controlled via the iPhone and Android app, Drill Maker. Via the phone app, you can start and stop running the tennis ball machine, adjust the width, spin, height, speed, and feed rate of the balls, choose between preprogrammed drills, and even program your own drills! This article will teach you how to fully use the app and all of its functions. Let's get started!

First, you’re going to have to download the Drill Maker app.

Next, on your phone, you’ll have to connect to the ball machine's wifi network "USR-***" Make sure to choose Spinshot Player mode when you open the "Drill Maker" app.

The Main Menu

Spinshot Drill Maker App Main Menu

A fairly simple main menu page displaying all of the machines functions: 12 preprogrammed and reprogrammable drills, plus manual mode options. The main menu will show you if you are or are not connected to your machine. You can click on “DRILL MAKER” at the top left to reconnect your machine if you become disconnected.

What do all the buttons mean?

Spinshot Player App Button Legend

How To Program A Drill

The key difference between the Spinshot Player and Plus is the ability to save and program drills. Press and hold any of the 12 drill (D) buttons to begin. This will take you into the settings page for that drill. You should now be able to see adjustable options for each of the (6) different shots available for your drill. Click on any of the numbers within the shots and options to make adjustments to your drill.

Spinshot Player Drill Maker App Drill Settings PageFor example (refer to the picture above)

For Shot #1, click on the number [1] under the “Horz” option to make an adjustment to the width of the feed (1 for far corner forehand, 20 for far corner backhand for right-handed players). Pro tip: choose [R] for random horizontal oscillation for a tougher drill.

Next, click on the [18] under “Rate” to make an adjustment to the speed of the ball (1 being the slowest, 20 being the fastest).

Then, adjust the spin of the shot by clicking on the [0] under “Spin” (-9 for hard slice or backspin, 9 for heavy forward or top spin.) [0] will produce a completely flat ball or a shot with no spin.

The height of the shot can be adjusted by clicking on the number [1] under the “Hght” option. Height can be set from 1 to 50 (1 being the lowest ball, 50 for a high lob). There is an [R] option for height also, which will randomize the height of the ball for this shot.

Lastly, the “Feed” option will adjust the feed rate of your shot in the drill. Changing the [7] in the picture example to [1] will give you the slowest feed rate (10 seconds in between shots), and [10] will yield the fastest feed rate (one shot after another).

Now, you can adjust any and all of the options to the 6 different programmable shots to create a real, unique drill.

Using Manual Mode

You can enable manual mode by clicking on the “M” button in the main menu, you will not be brought to another page, all of the manual mode settings are right on the main menu.

Once you click the “M” button, you can begin adjusting the ball you would like to continuously receive (if you would like more than one shot to be delivered, you must create or choose a drill).

Immediately pressing the “+” or “-” will adjust the width of the ball (1 for far corner forehand, 20 for far corner backhand for right-handed players).

The arrow button will allow you to adjust the spin of the ball, “H” will adjust the ball’s height, “S” for speed, and “F” for Feed Rate. You must click the corresponding button and then “+” or “-” to adjust that functions specific value.

For example, if you want increase the height of the ball, you must click the “H” button first, and then click “+” as many times as necessary to get the height of the ball where you want it.


It may seem overwhelming to read about all of the Spinshot Player's phone app functions, but once you have all of your custom drills programmed and your favorite shots selected there won't be any more work to do. As technology continues to develop, so does this app and your machine. There have been updates that add functionality to your app and machine, and there is still room to grow. If you are sharing this machine with family members and/or friends, each of you can have your own 12 drills saved to your respective phone apps. Therefore, when I connect my phone to our Spinshot Player, I will be able to choose between my 12 preprogrammed drills. When you connect your phone to the same machine, you will have the option to choose between your 12 programmed drills. Endless possibilities with such a powerful machine. If you have any questions, please make sure to contact a Tennis Machine Pros representative by calling our toll-free number or sending us an email!


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